Melodienacht 2018 brings us a mix of local and national stardom! Our featured artist is Tim Campbell, a suave singer and actor who has been seen and heard TV (including 4 years on Home & Away, and a 3rd place in Dancing with the Stars), Stage (Johnny O’Keefe in Shout! The Story of the Wild One, Flyero in Wicked, Corny Collins in Hairspray: The Arena Spectacular), and featuring in Channel 9’s Carols by Candlelight.

Joining Tim will be Rebecca Raymond, one of the most highly-visible theatre and music performers in Adelaide. One-third of Adelaide’s renowned The Raymond Sisters, Rebecca comes from a rich musical heritage and has been performing for most of her life. Versatile in her style she enjoys performing in all musical genres.

Bookings for this year’s show can be made by contacting Ann Alderslade on email or phone 0419 633 018.


Philippa Lynas has the crowd in her hands in 2017!

2016 – Rhonda Burchmore!

2015 – Rachael Beck with Eric “Tooch” Santucci!

TTB’s claim to fame is the annual production Melodienacht (Music Night) – a show which we’re comfortable to say is unlike any other brass band concert you’ve heard. Usually featuring over 40 players on stage, plus our Hot Rhythm Combo and featured guest artists, high-quality production assets of lights, sound & video projection screens, and a delicious concoction of Gluh Wein for all, it is performed over 2 nights to a crowd of up to 1,100 people per night. Everyone turns up to the Tanunda Agricultural Hall (known colloquially as “the tin shed”) with snacks, drinks, cushions, and parkas for a night of music, singalongs, and catching up with old friends.

2014 – James Morrison with Paul van der Koogh

Including the band’s ensemble items, and solo features of individual members, the repertoire includes some light classics, pop, rock, disco, jazz, big band, broadway, movies, and our famous German Oom-Pah. The original concept of Melodienacht was to be a performance of music “…for the man in the street – not just “band” music!”.

Over the last 40+ years, the event has grown into a mainstay on the cultural calendar for many, and is largely pre-sold to our regular list. Melodienacht is presented on the last Friday and Saturday of May, in the Tanunda Show Hall – in the grounds of the Tanunda Oval – from 8pm.


Driven by a strong community of volunteers drawn from the band and the local community, the hall is dressed each year, rendering it virtually unrecognisable from the rest of the year. 

Show Hall

2017 is Melodienacht’s 50th Anniversary, and will be presented on Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th.

Questions regarding ticketing are best addressed to:

Ann Alderslade
Melodienacht Bookings Coordinator
phone 0419 633 018